Sunday, January 8

Super 8

On our road trip we stayed in a lot of hotels.  Given my choice to do it over, I would eliminate some, most, or all(?) of our hotel stays and opt instead for a lot of camping, couch surfing, and even sleeping in the car.  We could have saved a lot of money this way and managed to stay out on the road for months longer than we did.  We had so much fun, but we also spent SO much money.  I'm sure we could have done a lot better than $9,500 in 90 days!  Anyway, below is a poem I wrote after about 80 days of hotel-tripping.

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Colorful comforters, neatly tucked, are hotel trademarks,
And I understand the impression they’re trying to make,
But why do they itch?  They feel ironically woolly.
There ought to be a word for a comforter that’s not quite right.
An “uncomforter" or maybe you prefer “discomforter” or something.
I hate those woolly, itchy sleeping squares.

At least hotel comforters are clean, or so they seem,
Thanks to that dizzying watercolor design on top.

That’s a job I think I’d like, picking out hotel uncomforters.
I am not sure how much money I would make,
Though I expect my work would be appreciated.
There can be no doubt that they are carefully selected,
Chosen to highlight that lovely blue in the painting above the bed,
No, not the thicket, the one with the wooden rowboat.



  1. ha. this made me chuckle. discomforter. ha.

    in my experience, the cheaper the hotel, the busier the design on the comforter. im assuming to hide all the body fluids and whatnot. i stayed in a fancy hotel in atlanta once: solid color comforter! the mark of a quality hotel.

  2. solid color?! i don't know if i've ever seen such a thing--i nearly cringe thinking about all that i've likely slept in.

  3. I don't think I've ever used the comforter in a hotel room. But I know what you mean. And I think that would be a cool job, picking them out. Or making them. I'd probably just put targets or splatter patterns all over them.

  4. Not using them is probably not a bad idea. One of my good friends saw that the guy on "Dirty Jobs" or some show like that, bundles the remote and telephone inside of the comforter and throws it all in the corner. After seeing how rarely they're washed and all the stuff that gets on those things, he couldn't even stand to touch them.