Tuesday, December 20

2 Short Poems

During the Autumn my girlfriend, my best friend, and I took a pretty amazing trip.  We left our jobs, brought all our savings, and hit the road.  Driving over 13,000 miles, through 28 states, and stopping in ten major cities and nearly a dozen national parks, we got to see ninety days' worth of the country.  Surely, I can admit that there is a lot left to be seen (and we plan on it!) but, nonetheless, we had a pleasurable and inspiring adventure.  While most of our favorite pictures and a decent amount of trip recall can be found on the blog we kept (at www.littlebrainbighead.tumblr.com), I have all sorts of stuff which has not been shared anywhere.  

Below are two poems inspired by our time in the Los Angeles area.  The latter is a haikuk depending on how loosely you define such things.

A bright new day in the city of smog,
But still, I find it hard not to sigh.
As after my shift I'm back in the car,
For another five o’clock five-lane gridlock,
And a scratchy throat as I cough and cough...

Sunny, mid-90s
SoCal attracts the world, but
I just like the fish.

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