Saturday, December 31

Text Poetry Translation

In a linguistics class I took as a student at Penn State: Brandywine, we had an entire unit about text-messaging and the impacts it is having upon the English language.  We were challenged to engage in some of the resulting literary art forms, most popular of which had been Texting Poetry.  Below is the translation of a poem I posted to my Facebook page.

Happy New Year!
One more year has ended
One more to start anew
I’m glad your family is good and well
and that mine is too.
May joy and prosperity
mark this trip around the sun
Once again and again and again for always
until our lives are done.

As always, I invite questions, criticisms, and compliments below. In fact, I'll even accept comments that simply let me know you were here! (I am trying to find out how many people are actually visiting). Within the next few days I'll add another poem inspired by my time in Florida.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. (o: And happy new year too!